Simplicity without compromise


Radical. Revolutionary. Subversive. We’ve been called all of these things. We’re KARALIT, and we’re completely transforming computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


Three big game-changers

The KARALIT approach, called Direct CFD, is based on three basic concepts:

1) Eliminating the tedious and time-consuming meshing process.
2) Providing simple fill-in-the-blank apps to streamline setup for specific CFD disciplines.
3) A price structure that allows customers to run the software on an unlimited number of cores at no additional cost.

Disruptive, but proven

KARALIT’s technology might be disruptive, but it’s been tested and fine-tuned in leading academic and R&D organizations worldwide.
Our founder, Marco Mulas, has led innovative research into new CFD methods for more than 20 years, most recently as leader of the fluid dynamics group of CRS4 Research Center. His team comprises international developers and analysts with a common mission: making CFD a naturally integrated part of the design process.


We’re just getting started

KARALIT is built for the long run. A company designed to anticipate and respond to customer needs. Built to deliver continuous improvements and product evolution – release after release.


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