KARALIT demos subversively simple CFD at ASME Turbo Expo 2012 in Copenhagen



PULA, Italy, June 11, 2012KARALIT, the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) company, is demonstrating its subversively simple 3D software in booth #1904 at the ASME Turbo 2012 Expo, June 12-14 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


KARALIT CFD 3D introduces a breakthrough called Direct CFD, where CAD models go directly to CFD without time-consuming meshing or tedious manual set-up.  The new software is based on three major innovations:

  1. A unique implementation of immersed boundary (IB) technology that enables models to be immersed into Cartesian grids, eliminating meshing, maintaining the integrity of cells, and speeding CAD-to-CFD iterations throughout the design cycle.
  2. The use of pre-designed apps that allow users to set up industry-specific simulations within a few minutes.
  3. A simple pricing structure that frees users to take full advantage of the latest hardware advances at no extra software cost.


Simplicity with accuracy

“The revolution at the heart of KARALIT CFD 3D is simple,” says Marco Mulas, KARALIT CTO and founder.  “Users – both specialists and non-specialists – don’t want to waste their time with mesh generation and pre-processing. They want to spend 99 percent of their time with their analysis and get the most accurate results possible.”

Representatives are available in the KARALIT booth during the course of the ASME Turbo Expo 2012 to demonstrate the Direct CFD workflow and to answer questions.


“We expect people to be skeptical because this is a fresh approach,” says Mulas. “So we welcome the opportunity to show designers, engineers and CFD specialists that our aim is true.”


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