Immersed boundary technique bursts open the CFD market


Pula (Italy), June 2011 - KARALIT launches its revolutionary computational fluid dynamics software KARALIT CFD in a FREE DOWNLOADABLE version, available on to the international industrial and academic community.


KARALIT CFD is based on the Immersed Boundary (IB) technique, which substitutes the time-consuming, inaccurate and labor-intensive body conformal grid generation process with automatic and extremely fast algorithms based on geometrical, logical and topological innovations. The result: CAD to CFD in minutes with the highest-quality results. 

For turbulent simulations, KARALIT CFD software offers the immersed mesh method, allowing users to generate a hyperbolic body-fitted grid in the region immediately close to the body surface.

“This is the first time that commercial CFD software based on IB method is available on the market," says Marco Mulas, the founder and CTO of KARALIT. "KARALIT CFD software is a real revolution in the way CFD problems are solved. No more painful work on mesh generation. In a matter of a few clicks and a little bit of data entry, CFD analysts will finally be able to focus their attention on results, rather than on pre-processing”.

KARALIT's innovation spreads to its price scheme, which allows all types of licenses to be run on an unlimited number of cores at no additional cost.

KARALIT is attending the international ASME Turbo Expo in Vancouver from 6th to 10th June, with its own stand, for the official launch of the company and of its KARALIT CFD FD v.1.0 software.


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